Customer Satisfaction

"Not long ambition of winning, peaceful gain" principle guiding the commercial life of the EL-SO always the primary target amount of machine customer satisfaction "

Professional Services

EL-SO machinery sector with a staff that has over 25 years of experience; Customers with experience gained from hundreds of stores and cold storage that makes the installation of industrial refrigeration industry is committed to providing the most professional service.


Most charge of the quality of the acting understanding of the proven quality of our systems with cooling equipment; quiet, smooth and energy-saving are designing.

7x24 Technical Services

Always aiming to laugh in the face of customers' after-sales service by the EL-SO machinery've had all kinds of technical problems in the specialized staff will be with you 24 hours 7 days.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

EL-SO machines that caught aesthetic standards system combines the easy technical service.

Advanced Technology

Using the latest technology opportunities, disciplined and combative spirit to continuously improving our culture every day, always to offer new added value to ourselves and society.